Fostering employee well-being in COVID-19 era

Long before social distancing measures and remote working were imposed worldwide, promoting employee health and well-being was a key imperative for leading businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has put unprecedented stress not only on economies and healthcare systems but on employees’ overall health. When lockdown measures forced employees to work from home, a new challenge emerged: […]

Greece vs Virus

WELLICS presented an idea/solution in the #GreeceVsVirus program launched by the #Greek #Government. We are very excited to be part of this initiative and to join forces with fellow business leaders to support society during this crisis. Our offering? A tailored version of our WellMojo platform to ensure the resilience of our #frontline #healthcare #workers. Watch our own Faye Vassiliades (Director, Mental Health […]

Exercise and Immune System: How much exercise is enough?

There is no doubt that the most popular trend right now is COVID-19. People are exposed to a non-stop flood of information on the topic. Reports, articles, research on how you can protect yourself and what you should in order to remain physically and mentally health during self-quarantine. Is there really something that you could […]

Helping your team feel safe in times of crisis

Note: The present article is an overview of how managers can alleviate increased anxiety in times of crisis and is based on current news on the COVID-19. Employers should apply all necessary policies as published by official bodies. During the past month, news on the spread of COVID-19 have influenced how people react to what […]

Three Stretches For Office Workers

How would you like to be neck and lower back pain free with only 1% new action in your everyday office life? Would it be a value point to feel more productive and more energized at the office? You also know that productivity correlates with earning more too! I am here to help you move […]

What keeps you from changing?

It is not very uncommon to deal with clients who often find it difficult to change their life course. Getting out of a bad relationship, pursuing a new career, starting a healthy diet are but to name a few of the goals that I often listen my clients express. When working with people in establishing […]

Staying Fit During Menopause

Menopause is considered the second period, after puberty, in a woman’s life marked by remarkable hormonal changes. The major difference is that menopause often signals the end of reproductive youth and is accompanied by both physical and psychological symptoms. In some cases, women choose hormonal replacement therapy that help them with menopausal symptoms. Yet, there […]

Binge Eating Control Guide

We use the term “binge eating” to refer to episodes of rapid and excessive food consumption. Those episodes are usually not driven by hunger and based on research binge eating is a complex human behaviour that could be the result of psychosocial stressors and not merely a metabolic need. Sometimes though, binge eating is the […]

Think Healthy While Working

“Nick visited my office to complain about body strains. He suffers from neck and shoulder pain that seems to get worse over time. Nick has an office job.He is on pain medication that worked at first but is not efficient anymore. He has not missed a day from work although he experiences significant discomfort while […]

Introducing WELMO

Although, most people do not think over their breathing, respiratory diseases such as COPDs and asthma have a significant effect on patients and their families. According to World Health Organization, COPDs account for more than 3 million deaths worldwide each year and 235 million people suffer from asthma. It is not a surprise that the […]