Cancel your subscription

      If you have changed your mind and you want to cancel your subscription with Wellics™:

      1. Click Your Profile in the left sidebar menu.
      2. Click the Account Info drop-down and select Organization Info.

      3. Scroll down to the Subscription.
      4. Click Manage Subscription.
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      5. Click on the subscription area.
      6. Click on the Cancel Subscription (for Starter or Professional plan only) link.
      7. Fill-in the Reason for cancellation.
      8. Click on the Confirm Cancellation button.

      Please note:

      • If you have a Starter plan, your subscription will be cancelled at the end of the subscription term. Until then, you and your team will maintain full access to the Wellics™ platform.
      • If you have a Professional plan, your subscription will be cancelled immediately and access to the Wellics™ platform will be revoked for you and your team.
      • If you have an Enterprise plan, it is better to consult your sales representative or contact