Introducing WELMO

Although, most people do not think over their breathing, respiratory diseases such as COPDs and asthma have a significant effect on patients and their families. According to World Health Organization, COPDs account for more than 3 million deaths worldwide each year and 235 million people suffer from asthma. It is not a surprise that the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases have a shocking impact on the healthcare industry and society, as well. Respiratory health is largely based on prevention yet when it occurs the best way to lessen its effects is through early diagnosis and accurate treatment.

Wellics is proud to participate in H2020 WELMO (Wearable Electronics for Effective Lung Monitoring), a European funded research and innovation programme that aims to address major drawbacks in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Nine partners are currently working together for the project’s main goal which is to develop a new generation of low-cost and low-power miniaturized sensors, integrated in a comfortable vest, enabling the effective and accurate monitoring of the lungs, through the simultaneous collection of sound and EIT signals.

Individual suffering from respiratory diseases inevitably create side effects on societies that have to counterbalance increased healthcare demands and business costs. WELMO adapts a holistic approach with the sole purpose to find the best global solution to the world of wearable technology that will impact population health on an individual, societal and business level.

Either you are a patient, a healthcare professional, a technology provider or a knowledge-driven enthusiast, you can learn more about WELMO and request information by visiting the project’s official website at: or on twitter at: @welmoproject

The Wellics Team

Co-funded by the H2020 Framework Programme of the European Union under grant agreement n825572