Participation in an EU-funded Project

We are very happy to announce that from January 1st, 2019, WELLICS participates in H2020 WELMO[1], an EU-funded Research and Innovation project.

The project has a 42-month duration aiming at the development and validation of a new generation of low-cost and low-power miniaturized sensors, integrated to a comfortable vest, enabling the effective and accurate monitoring of the lungs, through the collection of sound and image signals, that can be combined, processed and linked with specific clinical outcome by applying innovative algorithms.

WELLICS’ participation in the project, will help us support and extend our portfolio, while it will accelerate our activities regarding the integration and support of new innovative wearables in WELLICSir, our core data platform. A total amount of 120,000 Euros, has been granted to WELLICS for its participation in this project. We are very keen on starting work and be part of a consortium consisting of leading organizations (academic and industrial) in their respective field of expertise.

The Wellics Team

[1] Co-funded by the H2020 Framework Programme of the European Union under grant agreement no 825572