Participation in the Acceleration Programme by ΝΝ Hellas & Orange Grove

We are very happy to announce that WELLICS was selected to participate in the NN Hellas & Orange Grove acceleration programme for Health Tech and Wellness Start-ups, starting on September 2018. We are very keen on starting work, receiving assistance and collaborating with experts in the fields of start-up growth, wellness and innovation. The NN Hellas & Orange Grove opportunity comes at a great point in time to augment our ongoing activities for growing WELLICS and addressing the even important issue of wellness in its totality.

A Few Words on Orange Grove and the Acceleration Programme

Orange grove is a start-up initiative of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Greece. It’s a flexible platform for start-ups, which promotes collaboration and exchange of ideas. It offers a dedicated working space with offices and free internet, access to specialized educational seminars/courses, legal and accounting services and access to the entire Orange Grove network (companies, universities, institutions). Orange Grove is a communication channel aiming to promote start-ups, ideas, and innovations that share our purpose of making the world a better place.

The Acceleration programme for Health Tech and Wellness Start-ups, is the result of the collaboration of NN Hellas and Orange Grove, enabling start-ups to receive the best national and international business & technical support, with top experts in the field, through a free 3-month acceleration period!

More information can be found on:

The Wellics Team