Corporate Wellness

Fostering employee well-being in COVID-19 era

Long before social distancing measures and remote working were imposed worldwide, promoting employee health and well-being was a key imperative for leading businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has put unprecedented stress not only on economies and healthcare systems but on employees’ overall health. When lockdown measures forced employees to work from home, a new challenge emerged: […]

Think Healthy While Working

“Nick visited my office to complain about body strains. He suffers from neck and shoulder pain that seems to get worse over time. Nick has an office job.He is on pain medication that worked at first but is not efficient anymore. He has not missed a day from work although he experiences significant discomfort while […]

The Working Dead

There is one given fact about zombies: they spread fast, they are contagious and they can ruin anything that comes their way. One of the most popular trends in movies and tv series is steadily becoming a reality for the corporate place. It is not that difficult to identify a worker zombie. They move slow, […]

Wellics New Year’s Resolutions

“If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first six sharpening my axe”. Abraham Linkoln   00:00:01. It is this amazing time of the year! January is the most promising month. Before you continue on reading, take a brief moment and think about your new year’s resolutions. You are […]

Investing in your Company’s Wellness

Corporate wellness has never been more popular. The wellness industry is evolving thus, helping corporations increase profit by taking care of their employees first. CEOs need to look beyond insurance programs and gym equipment if they want to maintain a healthy workforce. It is best to adopt an interdisciplinary approach in the development of a […]