Fostering employee well-being in COVID-19 era

Long before social distancing measures and remote working were imposed worldwide, promoting employee health and well-being was a key imperative for leading businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has put unprecedented stress not only on economies and healthcare systems but on employees’ overall health. When lockdown measures forced employees to work from home, a new challenge emerged: […]

Greece vs Virus

WELLICS presented an idea/solution in the #GreeceVsVirus program launched by the #Greek #Government. We are very excited to be part of this initiative and to join forces with fellow business leaders to support society during this crisis. Our offering? A tailored version of our WellMojo platform to ensure the resilience of our #frontline #healthcare #workers. Watch our own Faye Vassiliades (Director, Mental Health […]

Exercise and Immune System: How much exercise is enough?

There is no doubt that the most popular trend right now is COVID-19. People are exposed to a non-stop flood of information on the topic. Reports, articles, research on how you can protect yourself and what you should in order to remain physically and mentally health during self-quarantine. Is there really something that you could […]

Helping your team feel safe in times of crisis

Note: The present article is an overview of how managers can alleviate increased anxiety in times of crisis and is based on current news on the COVID-19. Employers should apply all necessary policies as published by official bodies. During the past month, news on the spread of COVID-19 have influenced how people react to what […]