Earn rewards

      What are the available rewards?

      Your well-being journey deserves recognition! At Wellics, we believe your commitment to a healthier, happier you should be celebrated. That's why we've designed a rewarding system to acknowledge your achievements and engagement on the platform.

      Wellics™ rewards your engagement with the platform and your achievements by giving you a badge every three months (i.e., educational module duration).

      There are two types of rewards:

      • Experience rewards related to the experience you gain on well-being through your engagement with the content of Your Focus section.
      • Achievement rewards related to your achievements on the focus metric as tracked through Your Journey section.

      Feeling competitive? We get it! Wellics leaderboards showcase the top performers within your organization. Here's how the badge system works for leaderboard rankings:

      • If you rank first at the organization’s leaderboard you will get a gold badge.
      • If you rank second in the organization’s leaderboard you will get a silver badge.
      • If you rank third at the organization’s leaderboard you will get a bronze badge.

      Wellics understands that some organizations might want to go the extra mile for their employees' well-being efforts. Talk to your Wellics Administrator to find out if your company offers additional rewards on top of the badges!

      Ready to get rewarded?  Start your Wellics journey today and watch your well-being flourish!