Earn rewards

Learn how you can earn rewards

What are the available rewards?

Wellics™ rewards your engagement with the platform and your achievements by giving you a badge every three months (i.e., educational module duration).

There are two types of rewards:

  • Experience rewards related to the experience you gain on well-being through your engagement with the content of Your Focus section.
  • Achievement rewards related to your achievements on the focus metric as tracked through Your Journey section.

The badges are awarded as follows:

  • If you rank first at the organization’s leaderboard you will get a gold badge.
  • If you rank second in the organization’s leaderboard you will get a silver badge.
  • If you rank third at the organization’s leaderboard you will get a bronze badge.

In addition, your organization may want to give you an extra award. Talk to your Administrator to find out more.

Is there anything for me if I refer Wellics™ to a friend?

There is an option to Refer friends in Your Rewards section.

If you invite your friends and partners to Wellics™ and they purchase a subscription, you will both enjoy cool perks on us. Find out more here.