January 2023 updates

      Here's a look of new things that we've launched in January 2023.

      For all Wellics Users:

      ✔️ If you don't use a wearable or your phone to automatically track your steps, you can enter manually the distance you walk or run each day from 'Your Journey' page or the ⊕ button at the right bottom of the page. Once you do this the relevant steps will be filled-in automatically. You can also do the other way around.

      ✔️ You and your colleagues will get the emails and push notifications always at the same time regardless if you are in different timezones. Set your timezone in ‘Your Profile’ page, if you haven't done already, to avoid getting emails in the middle of the night.


      ⚠️ If you use our mobile app, you have to update it from the Apple Store or the Google Play to see the update.