Set up your Wellics™ Admin account

      Learn how to create and manage your Admin account.

      If you're setting up a new Wellics™ subscription, learn how to activate your Admin account and access the Wellics™ platform. 

      Activate your Admin account

      Accessing the Wellics™ platform

      Activate your Admin account

      Once your organization has been registered successfully to the Wellics™ platform, you received an e-mail to activate your Wellics™ account. 

      To activate your account:

      1. Go to your inbox and open the e-mail namely "Registration to Wellics™ Wellness Platform".
      2. Click the Activate Account button.
      3. Fill-in the username and password.
      4. Check the consent option (first).
      5. Optionally, check the rewards options (last two).
      6. Click the Agree and setup account button.


      To find out more about the rewards options click here.

      Accessing the Wellics™ platform

      As an Administrator of your organization, after logging in to the Wellics™ platform, you have access to the User area as well as a designated area with the following options (colored in yellow):

      • Your Employees’ Focus: It includes our educational resources delivered to you every month focusing on one primary behavior or dimension of well-being each quarter.
      • Your Employees’ Journey: It presents the Wellics™ Index that helps you keep track of your employees' journey with one number from 0 to 100. Alternatively, you may choose from dozens of standard wellness metrics or create custom ones such as " rating" or Absenteeism to set goals and watch the trend.
      • + Button (yellow): Always present on screen to help you easily create your own metric, set goals and log data.
      • Your Employees’ Rewards: It includes leaderboards of your employees to help you identify and recognize the power users and wellness supporters to promote a well-being culture in your organization.
      • Your Employees: It allows you to invite your employees to the Wellics™ platform, see those already registered and delete the ones that should not have access to the platform anymore.
      • Your profile > Organization info: You may add information about your organization and activate rewards for your employees.