View your employees' progress within a challenge

      See challenge scores and leaderboard

      As an Admin, you can have a look of the participants' progress within a challenge, see their scores and the challenge leaderboard. To do so, follow the steps below:

      1. In the left sidebar menu, click Your Employees' Challenges.
      2. Click on an ongoing challenge to view the progress or a finished challenge to view the final results.

      3. For each challenge the following information is available: 
        1. Title
        2. Day of challenge
        3. Award (i.e. Badge, Other, None) and times awarded (applicable for finished challenges or challenges with win mode = All)
        4. List of participants 
        5. List of teams (if it is a team challenge)
        6. Slack channel (if it is available for the challenge)
        along with the Leaderboard that presents the following information:
        1. Ranking position (for finished challenges or challenges with win mode = All, the challenge winners are highlighted with winner-icon)
        2. Participant or team name and avatar
        3. Challenge scores of each participant or team


      Please note:

      • You may click on the participants or teams list to view further details and export the lists in .xls format.
      • You may click on Export as .xls file in the Leaderboard area to export the leaderboard details in .xls format.