Assess your life balance

      Learn how to assess your life balance to have an equilibrium in your life.

      You can rate your satisfaction in eight areas of your life to gain insight about your personal balance. Achieving an equilibrium in all your priorities in life will result in overall well-being.

      To take the life-assessment survey:

      1. In the left sidebar menu, click Your Journey.
      2. Scroll down to the Life-balance area.
      3. Click the Update life-assessment button.

      4. Drag the slider of each question to the number that reflects your level of satisfaction (1 = least – 10 = most).
      5. Once you have answered all 8 questions, click the Submit button.

      Please note:

      • The next time you will enter the life-assessment survey, you will see your previous responses. This will help you identify any changes to your satisfaction levels.
      • We suggest you update the life-assessment survey every week. This will help you keep track of the areas that need attention.
      • You cannot take this survey more than once a day.