Log your daily activity and monitor your habits

      Learn which data you can log to monitor your habits.

      Wellics™ offers you the ability to log your data daily, enabling you to gain awareness of your habits and patterns (even those you might not be consciously aware of). This will assist you in making choices toward a more balanced lifestyle. 

      Wellics™ provides a comprehensive list of standard wellness metrics, allowing you to easily track your progress. The table below presents all available Wellics™metrics, their importance, their link to well-being, and the methods through which data is captured by the Wellics™ platform. 


      Please note:

      • The auto-tracked metrics are marked in the Wellics™ platform with wearable-metrics.
      • The metrics that are only auto-tracked or auto-calculated are marked in the Wellics™ platform with auto-value-icon.
      • Each wearable tracks a different set of metrics, so even if you have connected your wearable, you may not see all of the above auto-tracked metrics. Read here to learn which data may be collected per provider.