Log your daily activity and monitor your habits

      Learn which data you can log to monitor your habits.

      Ready to take charge of your well-being? Wellics™ offers a powerful tool: daily activity logging to help you develop awareness of your habits and patterns (even those you might not be consciously aware of). This will assist you in making choices toward a more balanced lifestyle. 

      Wellics™ goes beyond just logging activities. We provide a comprehensive list of standard wellness metrics, allowing you to effortlessly monitor your progress across various aspects of well-being. The table below presents all available Wellics™metrics, their importance, their link to well-being, and the methods through which data is captured by the Wellics™ platform. 


      With Wellics, you have the power to transform your health and happiness. Start logging your daily activity today and witness the positive changes unfold!

      Please note:

      • The auto-tracked metrics are marked in the Wellics™ platform with wearable-metrics.
      • The metrics that are only auto-tracked or auto-calculated are marked in the Wellics™ platform with auto-value-icon.
      • Each wearable tracks a different set of metrics, so even if you have connected your wearable, you may not see all of the above auto-tracked metrics. Read here to learn which data may be collected per provider.