50+ Fun and Engaging Wellbeing Ideas for Employees

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Roughly half (51%) of employers with 50+ employees offer some type of wellbeing program. And why wouldn’t they? Industry reports show a $1.47 return on investment for every dollar spent on corporate wellbeing initiatives. However, not all wellbeing programs are created equal, and finding the right mix of activities and initiatives to keep employees motivated and engaged can be a daunting task. This is where we can help you choose the most engaging and fun ideas for employees. 

Whether you’re an HR professional looking to revamp your company’s wellbeing program or a team leader searching for innovative ways to promote health and happiness among your colleagues, you’ve come to the right place.  

Physical Wellbeing  

Dance-off Challenges: 

Liven up your lunch break with dance-off challenges! Pick a fun theme each week, like 80s throwbacks or movie soundtracks. Dedicate a small space or use the break room as your dance floor. Play upbeat music and encourage everyone to participate, regardless of skill level.   

Dance off Challenges

Active Commutes: 

Looking for ways to sneak in more physical activity? Promote "active commutes" by offering incentives for those who walk, bike, or carpool to work. This could involve a raffle system with entries for each active commute, points redeemable for rewards, or even reserved parking closer to the entrance.  

 Walking Meetings: 

Feeling stuck in conference rooms? Take your next meeting outdoors or on a walking tour of the office with "walking meetings." This simple switch-up can boost creativity and focus.  

 Deskercise Challenges: 

Don't underestimate the power of desk exercises! With "deskercise" challenges, you can turn your workspace into a mini gym. There are countless online tutorials and printable resources offering creative ways to exercise right at your desk. Find routines that target different muscle groups, improve posture, or simply get your blood flowing. 

Want to learn more about deskercises?  Consult the experts at Wellics! They can guide you on incorporating effective deskercises into your workday routine.

Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation with Wellics and begin your journey to a healthier, more energized you! 


Group Fitness Challenges: 

Form teams and compete in various activities like step counting (using fitness trackers or pedometers), distance tracking (running, walking, cycling), or even virtual workout classes (offered by Wellics).  

Wellbeing Leagues: 

Wellics Leagues-1

Leverage wearable tech and wellness platforms to create engaging "Wellbeing Leagues"! Teams compete based on activity data - steps, distance, calories burned, or a mix.  Wellics can help you set up these leagues, fostering friendly competition, tracking progress, and rewarding achievements. It's a fun way to motivate each other and reach your wellness goals together!  

 Healthy Cooking Demos with Tastings: 

Invite a registered dietician or a skilled home cook to conduct demonstrations featuring delicious and nutritious recipes.  Employees can observe techniques, learn about healthy ingredients, and most importantly, enjoy the delicious results!  

 Ergonomic Chair Yoga Sessions: 

Offer lunchtime or after-work yoga sessions specifically designed for office workers. These sessions incorporate poses and stretches that can be done right in your office chair, focusing on improving posture, flexibility, and relieving muscle tension from long hours at the desk.  

 Office Olympics: 

Want to create a truly memorable wellness event? Organize an "Office Olympics"!  This company-wide event features fun and quirky physical challenges that don't require peak athleticism but encourage participation and laughter.  

 Subsidized Corporate Wellbeing App Subscriptions: 

Boost your employee wellness program by partnering with employee wellbeing platforms. These platforms offer a wide range of workout routines and classes, giving your employees convenient and personalized workout options, at home or on the go.  We can help cover a portion of the subscription cost or offer discounts to employees, removing some of the barriers to exercise.

Want to learn more? Check out our employee wellness programs guide! 

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 On-site Fitness Centers or Classes: 

If budget allows, consider creating a dedicated space for on-site fitness activities. This could be a fully equipped gym or a smaller fitness room with basic equipment. Alternatively, organize in-house group fitness classes with certified instructors.  This provides employees with easy access to exercise facilities and expert guidance, promoting overall health and well-being. 


Mental and Emotional Wellbeing 

Mindfulness Coloring Contests


Unleash your inner artist and reduce stress with "mindfulness coloring contests."  Provide themed coloring pages and relaxing music to create a calming atmosphere. Encourage participation and offer small prizes for the most creative or most colorful entries.   

Gratitude Jar Challenge: 

Set up a jar in a central location where employees can write down things they're grateful for on small pieces of paper. Throughout the week, hold random drawings and award small prizes to those who participate.  

 Joke of the Day Channel: 

Create a dedicated communication channel (like a Slack channel or internal social media feed) as your "joke of the day channel."  Share funny memes, jokes, lighthearted content, or even silly animal videos throughout the day.   

 "Unplug and Recharge" Breaks: 

 Encourage employees to take short breaks throughout the day to disconnect from their devices.  Step away from your computer, put down your phone, and take a few minutes to do something relaxing, like taking a walk, stretching, reading a book, or simply focusing on your breath.   

 Laughter Yoga Workshops: 

Experience the power of laughter with "laughter yoga workshops."  These workshops incorporate laughter exercises, breathing techniques, and playful activities designed to reduce stress and boost mood.  No jokes or comedic skills are required!  

 "Pet Your Stress Away" Sessions: 

Pet Your Stress Away Sessions

Partner with animal shelters or therapy animal organizations to bring adorable companions to the office for occasional visits.  Employees can interact with the animals, cuddle them, and enjoy the calming and therapeutic benefits of spending time with pets. 

 Meditation Apps and Challenges: 

Make mindfulness accessible with "meditation apps and challenges." Offer free trials or discounts on popular meditation apps that provide guided meditations, breathing exercises, and other tools for relaxation.  

 "Nature Escape" Reimbursement Program: 

Consider offering partial reimbursement for weekend getaways to natural environments like national parks or hiking trails. Immersing yourself in nature is a proven way to reduce stress, improve mood, and boost creativity. 

Sensory Deprivation Tank Experiences (High-Cost Option): 

For a truly unique and deeply relaxing experience, consider offering access to sensory deprivation tanks (if budget allows).  These tanks provide a  controlled environment of isolation and weightlessness, promoting profound relaxation and stress reduction.   

VR Relaxation Experiences: 

Offer virtual reality experiences designed to promote mindfulness and transport users to calming environments like serene beaches, tranquil forests, or peaceful underwater scenes. This innovative approach can be a fun and effective way to de-stress and disconnect from daily pressures. 

 On-site Massage Therapists: 

Treat tired muscles and melt away stress with on-site massage therapists. Schedule regular massage sessions in the office for employees to book appointments and experience the stress-relieving benefits of massage therapy.   

Financial Wellbeing 

"Brown Bag Lunch and Learn" Sessions: 

Invite financial advisors or experts to host lunchtime seminars on topics like budgeting basics, saving strategies, and debt management. These sessions can be a great way to gain valuable financial knowledge in a convenient and accessible format.   

 Financial Trivia Challenges: 

Create online quizzes with questions covering financial literacy topics like savings accounts, credit scores, or investing basics. Offer prizes for top scorers to incentivize participation and make learning engaging. 


Employee Discount Programs: 

Partner with local banks, credit unions, or financial service providers to offer "employee discount programs."  This could include discounts on loan rates, financial products, or even waived fees.   

 Peer Financial Coaching Program: 

Train and incentivize financially savvy employees to offer coaching sessions to colleagues on topics like budgeting, saving goals, or debt repayment strategies. Peer coaching creates a supportive environment for financial learning and allows employees to learn from each other's experiences. 

 Financial Wellness Workshops: 

 Offer workshops tailored to specific financial goals, like homeownership planning, retirement planning, or even navigating student loans. These in-depth workshops can provide employees with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their long-term financial aspirations. 

 Subscription Boxes for Budgeting Tools: 

Partner with companies that offer subscription boxes containing budgeting planners, expense trackers, and helpful financial resources. These tools can help employees visualize their spending, set goals, and stay on track with their financial plans. 

 Financial Wellness Coaching Programs: 

 Partner with financial coaching services to offer employees access to one-on-one consultations with certified financial professionals. These personalized sessions can help employees develop customized financial plans, address specific concerns, and feel more confident about their financial future. 

 Financial Planning Retreats (High-Cost Option): 

For a truly immersive financial learning experience, consider offering "financial planning retreats" (if budget allows). Organize weekend retreats featuring workshops, seminars, and consultations from financial advisors.   

Social Wellbeing  

Team Volunteering Days: 

Give back to your community and foster teamwork with "team volunteering days." Organize volunteer opportunities where employees can work together on projects for local charities or community initiatives.   

 "Random Acts of Kindness Bingo": 

Create bingo cards listing simple acts of kindness, like complimenting a colleague, holding the door open, or offering to help with a task.  Employees complete the squares by performing these acts throughout the week.  The first person to complete a bingo line or card wins a small prize.   

 "Skill Swap" Workshops: 

Skill Swap Workshops

Encourage employees to share their hobbies or talents by hosting workshops on things like cooking, photography, coding, or even foreign languages.  This is a great way to learn something new from a colleague, discover hidden talents within the company, and create opportunities for social interaction outside of traditional work settings. 

 "Lunch Bunch" Program: 

 This program uses a randomization system to pair employees from different departments for lunch.  This is a fantastic way to encourage interdepartmental interaction, build new friendships, and foster a more connected work environment. 

 Company Game Nights: 

Organize events featuring classic board games, video game tournaments, or even themed scavenger hunts within the office. These events provide a fun and casual atmosphere for colleagues to bond, build relationships, and relieve stress after work. 

 "Culture Club" Gatherings: 

Create a club for employees interested in exploring different cultures through food, music, or movie nights.  Members can take turns sharing their cultural heritage or interests, fostering a sense of inclusion and appreciation for different backgrounds. 

 Improv Comedy Workshops: 

Boost communication skills, teamwork, and laughter with improv comedy workshops.  These workshops utilize improv games and exercises to enhance communication, collaboration, and creative thinking in a fun and interactive setting.   

 Team-Building Escape Rooms: 

Put your teamwork and problem-solving skills to the test with team-building escape rooms.  Challenge teams to work together, solve puzzles, and escape a themed room within a time limit.   

 Company Retreats with Team-Building Activities: 

Go beyond the office walls with company retreats focused on team-building activities. Organize retreats featuring collaborative games, problem-solving exercises, and social events.  

 Family Game Nights: 

Family Game Nights

Host events where employees can bring their families for an evening of fun and games. 

"Buddy System" for New Hires: 

Ease the transition for new employees with a "buddy system."  Pair new hires with experienced colleagues who can act as mentors, answer questions, and help them feel welcome and integrated into the company culture.   

Creating a happy and healthy work environment is an investment in your most valuable asset – your employees!  This list of 50+ fun and engaging wellness ideas provides a springboard to get you started.  Remember, the key is to find a variety of options that cater to different interests and budgets.   

 Whether it's dance-off challenges or meditation apps, financial planning workshops or team volunteering days, incorporating wellbeing initiatives shows your employees you care about their overall well-being.  By implementing these ideas, you can create a more positive, productive, and supportive work environment for everyone.  So get creative, have fun, and watch your company thrive! 

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