Voice-Based Insights for a Healthier, Happier Workforce

Transform the way you understand your workforce. WellVox utilizes voice analysis to deliver deep mental wellness insights in 30 seconds. Identify and address mental fitness concerns early on, leading to a more productive and thriving workforce.

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Uncover the full picture of Mental Fitness with WellVox

Get data-driven insights to build a thriving, stress-free work environment.

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Mental Strain

WellVox tracks mental strain to help employees find healthy ways to cope and manage their workload.

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WellVox tracks and identifies signs of distress and helps you create a supportive work environment.

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WellVox tracks confidence levels so you can support employees who might need help building self-esteem.



WellVox helps identify potential workplace stressors so you can create a calmer, more balanced environment.



WellVox identifies early signs of burnout so you can prevent it from happening in the first place.



WellVox tracks fatigue levels so you can help employees achieve a healthy work-life balance and avoid exhaustion.

Empowering Organizations with Actionable Insights

WellVox goes beyond basic methods by leveraging AI to deliver seamless insights and personalized mental wellness assessments.

01 Objective and Data-Driven

Our assessments go beyond basic yes/no answers. We use advanced Machine Learning algorithms trained on vast datasets to provide reliable information about your employees' mental wellness.

02 Accurate and Specific

Our assessment is done in 30 seconds and across 6 pillars of mental wellness, offering to the user a seamless yet accurate assessment.

03 Comprehensive and Efficient

The WellVox assessments do "what it says on the tin". Simple but not simplistic they raise awareness of key areas to your employees, and provide to the point explanations of the results.

How Wellics Goes Beyond the Surface

Learn how WellVox's cutting-edge technology analyzes voice for actionable insights.


WellVox listens to you, not just what you say but how you say it. It analyzes both what you say (content) and how you say it (acoustics). When it comes to content, WellVox analyzes the words you choose and how you structure your sentences. This can reveal patterns that might indicate stress, confidence, or even burnout.
When it comes to acoustics, WellVox listens to changes in your tone, pitch, volume, and even pauses in your speech. These subtle changes can reveal hidden emotions like anxiety, excitement, or even fatigue.
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Build a Culture of Well-being with Confidence

A healthy, happy, and productive workforce starts with knowing how they're really doing. Wellics goes beyond old methods, using a unique blend of tech and science to get a complete picture of your employees' mental wellness.
Wellics doesn't just provide data; it delivers actionable insights. It tracks key mental wellness factors like stress, burnout, and tiredness, allowing the user to take action towards a healthier lifestyle utilising our science-backed tools and content.
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Frequently asked questions

Are these Wellness checks really anonymous?

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Your employee data is safe with us. We follow the strictest rules for data security and privacy. We also require our clients to do the same. To keep things anonymous, we only share data in groups of 3 or more employees, and that information is never linked back to any individual.

What languages does WellVox support?

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WellVox currently supports English, including various English accents.

Can vocal patterns really reveal an employee's mental state?

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Yes, vocal patterns can offer valuable insights into an individual's mental state and mood. Changes in pitch, tone, speech rate, and even pauses can indicate emotions like anxiety, stress, fatigue, or even excitement.

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