Well-being Rewards

Well-being-driven rewards that inspire, motivate, and celebrate your employees' journey to better well-being. Raise the flag of wellness milestones with our corporate wellness programs.

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Wellbeing Rewards

Unlocking Employee Rewards

Embrace, Celebrate, Thrive
At Wellics, we believe that every step taken toward well-being deserves acknowledgment. Cultivate and preserve your exceptional talent through well-timed incentives of our employee wellness programs. Get to the heart of employee well-being.

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Instill a sense of worth and recognition among employees.

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Harmonize rewards with your company's core values and strategic objectives.

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Reap the rewards of heightened employee retention, productivity, and engagement.

Quantify the Success of Your Well-being Initiatives

Motivate employees to take any action on the platform with our rewards hub, which supports incentives based on outcomes or participation. 
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Earning Points and Engagement

Start your employee well-being journey by accumulating points through active engagement on the Wellics platform. Earn points by participating in wellness programs’ challenges.

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Wallet Accumulation and Redemption

Collect your hard-earned points in a dedicated Wallet, ready to be exchanged for enticing monetary rewards. Your Wallet becomes the vault where employee wellness efforts transform into tangible rewards.

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Admin-Initiated Redemption

Admins hold the keys to initiate Wellics point redemption. Your well-deserved rewards are seamlessly delivered to your email inbox, ensuring a hassle-free and swift experience of corporate wellness.

Experience Exclusive Benefits Through Features That Elevate Well-being Rewards

  • Complete Analytics

  • Activity

  • Best Performer

  • Company Records

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Complete Analytics

Wellics empowers your organization with in-depth company analytics. Gain valuable insights into your employee well-being journeys. Understand participation levels, track engagement, and uncover trends that can shape your well-being strategy for the better.

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Stay in the know with activity tracking. Monitor how engaged your employees are with workplace wellbeing initiatives. Track their wellness challenge, point accumulation, and redemption activities. Use this data to fine-tune your well-being programs for maximum impact.

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Best Performer

At Wellics, we believe in celebrating excellence. Our platform automatically identifies and recognizes the best performers in your organization's employee health and wellness journey. Acknowledge and reward those leading the way, fostering a culture of wellness champions.

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Company Records

Spread the employee well-being love with company-wide rewards. Wellics enables you to extend rewards and recognition across your entire organization. Celebrate well-being achievements collectively and inspire everyone to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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Our star clients

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Customer reviews

Mikaela Kantor

Advocate | DS Partners

“We started a free trial and it didn't take long to see it was the right choice. It's a simple solution that seems to work for most of our people.”

Panos K.

Digital BU Manager | Recruitment & Academies

“A Simple and Effective Wellbeing Platform.”

Mikaela Kantor

Advocate | DS Partners

“We started a free trial and it didn't take long to see it was the right choice. It's a simple solution that seems to work for most of our people.”

Antonia A.

HR executive

“Is a valuable tool for organizations that are looking to improve their bottom line by improving the health and well-being of their employees..”

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

How do I earn points in the Wellics rewards program?

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You can earn points by engaging in wellness challenges, watching focus videos, exploring content, and surpassing well-being metric thresholds on the Wellics platform.

How long does it take to receive my rewards once redeemed?

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Your rewards, once redeemed, are typically delivered promptly via email. You can expect to receive them without delay for a seamless experience.

What can I redeem my Wellics points for?

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Accumulated points in your Wellics Wallet can be redeemed for various rewards, including monetary incentives and exclusive employee wellness program perks.

How do I track my reward points and redemptions?

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You can conveniently monitor your points and redemptions through your Wellics dashboard, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Can I transfer my rewards to someone else?

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Rewards are non-transferable and intended for the account holder's use. We encourage everyone to embark on their wellness at work journey.

What happens if I forget my Wellics account password?

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No worries! Simply click the 'Forgot Password' link on the login page, and we'll guide you through resetting your password.

Set your foot on a transformative well-being in the workplace journey.

Our experts will guide you through the platform, showcasing its powerful features, seamless integration, and the tangible results it can bring your organization. Your path to a healthier, more productive workplace starts here.

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