Optimize Your Environment, Enhance Employee Well-being

Go beyond the surface with our comprehensive monitoring system. Gather real-time data on temperature, air quality, and more to proactively address issues impacting employee well-being and business performance.

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Transforming your Workplace Through Data-Driven Insights

Let us help you create a healthier and more productive work environment.

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Collect comprehensive data on various environmental factors that can impact employee well-being and business performance. This continuous data collection, powered by edge analytics, allows you to collect more data points without additional storage costs.

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Don't get lost in a sea of data. Our powerful analytics engine helps you extract valuable insights from your collected data. Identify trends, anticipate potential problems, and optimize your workplace environment for peak performance.

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Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and use data-driven insights to make informed decisions. Wellics Live empowers you to create a workplace that fosters employee well-being, optimizes resource allocation, and drives business success.

Scalable Sensing for a Smarter Workplace

Want to gain deeper insights into your work environment? Wellics Live offers an expandable sensing platform that lets you collect more data than ever before. This modular system allows you to connect multiple sensing modules. Think of them as building blocks - choose the ones you need to track specific factors like temperature or air quality.  
Wellics Live aggregates all data from these modules and forwards it to a central platform for powerful insights.
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Optimize your Environment, Enhance Employee Well-being

Wellics Live goes beyond data collection. Our comprehensive system offers a variety of benefits designed to optimize your workplace environment and enhance employee well-being.


Real-time data collection

Wellics Live uses cutting-edge sensor technology to monitor your workplace environment continuously. This real-time data on temperature, humidity, noise, and air quality enables you to make informed decisions for a healthier, more productive workplace.


Proactive Issue Identification

Don't wait for issues to disrupt your business. Wellics Live analyzes real-time data to help you identify potential problems before they arise. For example, sudden spikes in noise levels could indicate equipment trouble. Wellics Live helps you address these issues proactively, ensuring smooth operations and a happy workforce.


Improved Employee Productivity

Imagine a workplace where employees are comfortable, focused, and super productive. Wellics Live helps achieve this by regulating environmental factors like CO2 levels, temperature, and air quality. Studies show that lower CO2 concentrations can boost employee productivity by up to 60%! By optimizing these factors, Wellics Live creates an environment that fuels peak performance.


Optimized Workplace Environment

Wellics Live goes beyond data collection. It helps you build a healthier, happier workplace. It monitors parameters like temperature, air quality, and noise to make your office more comfortable. This optimization can significantly impact employee well-being and overall job satisfaction. Less stress, better focus, more productivity – that's the Wellics Live effect!


Enhanced Employee Engagement

Wellics Live isn't just about data; it puts employees in control! Workplace sensors let them request things like adjusting the lights or temperature to fit their needs. They can also give feedback on the environment. This makes employees feel valued and more comfortable.


Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Wellics Live goes green and saves you money! Workplace sensors minimize energy consumption by adjusting parameters like heating, cooling, and lights. They adjust based on occupancy levels and weather conditions. This saves resources, lowers your carbon footprint, and keeps your bottom line happy – a win for the environment and your wallet!


Improved Employee Well-being

Wellics Live helps you create a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace. It monitors parameters like air quality and noise levels so you can address any issues before they impact your employees' health or comfort. Think cleaner air, less noise – all leading to a happier, healthier workforce that performs better.


Unlocking organizational potential

Wellics Live goes beyond monitoring your office. By focusing on both workplace conditions and employee well-being, Wellics Live gives you the tools to create the right environment for your employees to thrive. Imagine a happy, healthy workforce working at their best – that's the power of Wellics Live.

The Sustainable Ergonomics Starts Here

Imagine a workplace that feels just right, with good lighting and minimal noise. Wellics Live optimizes workplace environments for comfort and productivity through continuous real-time monitoring of noise levels, humidity, lighting, and temperature to ensure optimal conditions. Wellics Live - your secret weapon for a workplace that feels good and functions even better.
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Frequently asked questions

What kind of data does Wellics Live collect?

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Wellics Live focuses on environmental factors that impact your workplace, such as temperature, humidity, noise level, and air quality.

How does Wellics Live gather real-time data?

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Wellics Live leverages IoT technology and sensors to continuously monitor these conditions. This enables businesses to proactively address any potential issues that may impact employee well-being and overall business performance.

How frequently does Wellics Live collect data?

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Wellics Live uses sensors and IoT technology to gather information about your office environment constantly. This real-time data lets you see what's happening right now and make adjustments before problems arise. This way, you can identify potential issues early on to keep your employees happy and your business running smoothly.

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