Well-being Excellence Simplified

The Wellics Index TM, part of our employee wellness programs, is your guide to corporate success, providing invaluable insights to enhance your well-being initiatives and attain outstanding Value on Investment (VOI) results.

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Go Beyond Conventional Employee Well-Being Metrics

WIN takes a deeper dive, embracing data-driven insights to nurture well-being and unlock the full potential of your workforce. Our cutting-edge machine learning algorithms generate holistic employee well-being insights from wearables, resulting in the Wellics Index.  It is a comprehensive metric in our employee health and wellness programs that assesses four crucial lifestyle aspects.
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Analyze the quality and duration of your sleep and recharge your well-being. Awaken refreshed, and ready for each day's challenges.

Mental Well-Being

Improve emotional health and vitality assessment and foster a balanced corporate environment for employees.


Understand nutritional foundations, fuel productivity, and sustainable growth for optimal well-being.

Physical Activity

Measure physical engagement and elevate vitality and wellness for enhanced employee well-being and overall performance.

Igniting Transformation, One Data Point at a Time

With Wellics™ Index, informed decisions and strategic actions become second nature. By tapping into the potential of data-driven insights, our employee wellbeing program empowers your company with useful tools to implement changes that truly matter. Foster a thriving company culture and witness the ripple effect of prioritizing well-being on your organization's success.


Increase Profit

By harnessing the Wellics IndexΤΜ, organizations can enhance productivity, reduce absenteeism, and improve employee engagement. These combined effects can lead to increased profits, enhanced shareholder value, and a stronger competitive position.


Lower healthcare costs

Wellics IndexΤΜ provides data on how employee well-being impacts healthcare costs. This information empowers organizations to make informed decisions on well-being investments, resulting in lower healthcare costs and a healthier workforce.


Reduce turnover

With the support of the Wellics IndexΤΜ in our employee wellness programs, organizations can reduce turnover by providing employees with the tools and resources they need to be happy and engaged at work. This leads to lower recruitment costs, increased productivity, and a more stable workforce.


Attracting and retaining top talent

Wellics IndexΤΜ helps organizations attract and retain top talent by demonstrating a commitment to employee well-being. A well-being-focused culture makes an organization a desirable workplace, leading to higher job demand and more competitive salaries.


Reduce absenteeism

WIN empowers organizations to reduce absenteeism by providing personalized feedback on health and well-being. This enables employees to identify areas for improvement in your corporate employee wellness programs, resulting in reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.


Improve employee engagement

Wellics IndexΤΜ offers employees a platform to track progress and connect with others pursuing similar goals. This fosters improved engagement, motivation, and performance, ultimately benefitting the organization.


Cultivation of a positive company culture

By promoting employee well-being and engagement, the Wellics IndexΤΜ helps organizations create a positive company culture. This translates into a more productive and enjoyable work environment for all employees.


Enhanced Customer Experience

WIN equips employees with the tools and resources needed to be more productive, engaged, and motivated. This enhances customer service, boosts sales, and improves brand reputation, resulting in an enhanced customer experience.


Fostering Innovation

Wellics IndexΤΜ encourages innovation by providing employees with an employee wellbeing platform to share ideas and collaborate with others. This can lead to the development of new products, services, and processes, helping organizations stay ahead of the competition.


Informed Decision-making

WIN empowers organizations with data on how employee well-being impacts productivity, absenteeism, healthcare costs, engagement, and company culture. This data guides resource allocation and decision-making for the organization's benefit.


Empowered Leadership

Leaders benefit from the Wellics IndexΤΜ by gaining insights into employee needs and creating a positive work environment. This leads to improved employee morale, productivity, and engagement, strengthening leadership capabilities.

Quantify the Success of Your Well-being Initiatives

Track your employee health and well-being journey with the Wellics IndexTM, a single number from 0 to 100. Monitor how your initiatives contribute to your company's goals, proving and improving the value and ROI of your employee wellbeing programs.

  • Management-Ready Dashboards

  • User Level Reporting

  • Company Level Reporting

  • Qualitative Feedback Surveys

  • Company Specific Metrics

  • Comprehensive reports

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Wellics IndexΤΜ offers intuitive dashboards, ensuring management is equipped with visually rich, insightful reports. Easily access comprehensive program outcomes, demographics, user engagement trends, Willable Points distribution, challenge rankings, and essential statistics. Empower management with one of the best employee wellness programs to make data-driven well-being decisions with ease.

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Through the admin panel, Wellics IndexΤΜ provides individual employee-level reporting called "Your Journey." It calculates the WIN score for each employee's well-being journey, combining scores across the four lifestyle aspects. Empower individuals to track their progress and well-being improvements.

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Organization-level reporting, also derived from the admin panel, offers a holistic view of your well-being journey. This reporting demonstrates the collective employee wellbeing at work trends among your staff, offering unique insights tailored to your workplace. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization's well-being landscape.

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Periodic customizable employee wellbeing survey within the Wellics IndexΤΜ collect qualitative feedback from employees. This valuable feedback measures the impact of well-being programs and aids in optimizing strategies to align with organizational goals. Understand employee sentiments and refine well-being initiatives accordingly.

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Wellics IndexΤΜ allows organizations to choose from a plethora of standard employee wellbeing metrics or create custom ones, such as "Glassdoor.com rating" or Absenteeism, to set goals and monitor trends. Tailor the metrics to align precisely with your organization's unique needs and well-being objectives.

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Wellics IndexΤΜ provides comprehensive reporting tools that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Count the success of well-being challenges, track challenge reports, identify top performers, and reward them accordingly. Simplify the process of monitoring employee wellbeing progress, recognizing achievements, and optimizing well-being strategies.

Leave No Aspect of Well-being Untouched

Experience employee engagement and wellbeing at its best. Join Wellics and explore holistic health, fostering balance in sleep, mental wellness, nutrition, and physical activity.

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