Wellics to Attend NextGenHR Thessaloniki Conference

The Wellics team comprises people from different backgrounds who share the vision of…

We are excited to announce that Wellics will be participating in the upcoming NextGenHR conference in Thessaloniki, which is set to take place on Monday, November 6, 2023, at the prestigious Vasiliko Theater of Thessaloniki (KTBV). Join us as we introduce Wellics, the point where employee wellbeing meets business performance, and explore the pivotal role it plays in shaping the future of human resources and corporate success. 


Meet Our CSO, Faye Vassiliades 

 As part of this enlightening conference, Wellics' Chief Science Officer (CSO), Faye Vassiliades, will be a featured panelist in the discussion themed "Mental Health at Work: Corporate Social Responsibility for Employee Well-being, Post-pandemic Challenges, and Generation Z in the Workplace." Faye brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this crucial conversation, which addresses the pressing issues surrounding mental health in the workplace. We eagerly anticipate Faye's insights on this pivotal topic. 

Dimitris Vassiliadis on Employee Wellbeing 

 Dimitris Vassiliadis, Wellics CEO, will deliver a presentation focusing on why organizations must make employee wellbeing a central value in their corporate systems. His talk will delve into the concept of wellbeing and explore how prioritizing it can lead to a transformative effect on organizational performance, employee engagement, happiness, and health. The discussion will underscore the profound impact of this transformation on society as a whole. 

 The Broader Societal Impact 

 A core theme of our conference participation revolves around the broader societal impact of prioritizing employee wellbeing. When organizations place a strong emphasis on the health and happiness of their workforce, the positive effects resonate far beyond the workplace. It can lead to the development of healthier and more content communities and contribute to the overall wellbeing of society. 

 Wellbeing and the ESG Framework 

In today's corporate landscape, the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework is becoming increasingly vital. Our discussions will also delve into the critical correlation between wellbeing and the "S" in a company's ESG framework. By integrating wellbeing into their ESG strategies, organizations can make meaningful contributions to both their employees and society at large while fortifying their corporate social responsibility initiatives. 

The  NextGenHR conference in Thessaloniki on November 6, 2023, promises to be an illuminating event where Wellics will present its perspective on the intersection of employee wellbeing and business performance. We invite you to join us for captivating discussions and presentations, diving into the transformative power of wellbeing in driving organizational success, employee engagement, happiness, and health. We look forward to your participation and to collectively making a positive impact on the world of employee wellbeing and corporate responsibility. 

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