Top 12 Corporate Wellbeing Platforms [2024 Buyer's Guide with Pricing]

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In the past year, corporate wellbeing programs have evolved beyond merely checking a box to comply with company standards. These programs are now designed to foster a healthy and positive work environment for employees, demonstrably reducing absenteeism, improving quality of life, and boosting overall productivity. 

For those who remain unconvinced about the importance of these initiatives, consider this compelling statistic: employers who invest in wellness programs yield 11% higher revenue per employee, while every dollar invested in employee wellness provides a return of $3.27 in reduced medical costs.   

With such massive ROI associated with wellbeing programs, it’s natural that the market is full of options that might confuse you as a buyer looking for the right fit for your organization. This is where our guide can help you choose from the 12 best corporate wellbeing platforms 2024  

Whether you’re the CEO taking up wellness initiatives for your organization or an HR manager tasked to find the best wellbeing program, this buyer’s guide is your go-to for top employee wellbeing software vendors based on their key features, pricing, and the audience they cater to. Let’s dive in!  

Buyer’s Guide Comparison Criteria  

Our comparison criteria for choosing the best corporate wellness programs is based on the following criteria:   

  • Main Features — Does the program address a specific area of well-being (e.g., physical health, mental health, financial wellness) or offer a comprehensive approach? 
  • Pricing and Subscription —  Is there a flat fee per employee, tiered pricing based on features, or a customized quote? 
  • Target Audience —  Is the program designed for small, medium, or large businesses? 


Wellics  is a digital employee well-being platform that utilizes research-backed tools and scientific resources to shape a positive employee experience and boost wellness, delivering business success for your organization.  Wellics tackles employee well-being through a very systematic approach, addressing four crucial lifestyle areas: sleep, mental well-being, nutrition, and physical activity. 

Main Features:  

  • WIN Score: Measures employee well-being across four areas (sleep, mental well-being, nutrition, physical activity) with a score from 0-100. 
  • Robust Monitoring: Integrates easily into the wearables and applications for data monitoring and collection on wellness activities.  
  • Guided Learning: Offers educational modules with weekly video guidance from experts on quarterly wellness topics. 
  • Reward System: Motivates employees with a reward system to improve wellness habits.  
  • Admin Features: Provides tools for setting custom metrics, monitoring WIN scores, and managing rewards. 


Wellics offers two pricing plans: Starter and Professional.  

Starter comes at $5/month and is catered to startups who want to try wellness platforms for the first time. Professional is for large-scale organizations with greater customization options and flexible pricing. 

Target Audience: 

Wellics is targeted to organizations of all sizes and capacities with flexible plans. Considering its emphasis on bringing fast results, Wellics is a good option if your company is seeking fast and measurable improvements in employee health and happiness. 

Vantage Circle

Vantage Circle is a global platform designed to improve employee engagement in organizations using a set of tools targeted to create a more positive and productive work environment.   

Main Features:  

  • Through Vantage Rewards, employees can be acknowledged and appreciated for their contributions. 
  • Vantage Fit focuses on employee well-being, potentially offering programs or resources for physical and mental health. 
  • Vantage Pulse is an eNPS-based pulse survey tool that provides insights on employee turnover and helps pinpoint areas of growth.  
  • Vantage Perks offers employees access to exclusive discounts and benefits. 


  • Grow – Focuses on reward and recognition programs.  
  • Transform – Scale up the reward and recognition with Vantage Perks.  
  • Enterprise – Customized to your business needs.  

Target Audience: 

HR managers, directors, and other professionals responsible for employee engagement, rewards and recognition programs, wellness initiatives, and employee feedback within organizations.  


GoVida is an employee well-being platform that engages the workforce using a series of “pull” factors that are specifically developed to drive engagement.   

Main Features:  

  • GoVida uses points and goal-setting to make taking care of yourself a rewarding experience.  
  • GoVida+ offers resources like videos, podcasts, and interactive programs on all aspects of well-being.  
  • It helps connect employees with other co-workers through team challenges and social features. 
  • GoVida lets your company offer discounts and perks from popular brands for reaching your wellness goals. 


  • GoVida Primary – Entry level for small companies.  
  • GoVida Premium – Mid-level package.  
  • GoVida Platinum – Appropriate for large enterprises.  

 Target Audience:  

GoVida’s focus on rewards and recognition makes it a great fit for mid-level organizations who want to push their employees to adapt wellness initiatives in exchange for rewards.  


Wellable places a great emphasis on the holistic well-being of employees and its platform promotes healthy behavior, and a positive work culture and boosts productivity. Wellable also provides in-depth analytical reports based on the information derived from the wellness program.  

 Main Features:  

  • Along with physical challenges, these also cover mental, social, financial, and even environmental aspects of well-being.  
  • This program focuses on long-term behavior changes,  which can be more sustainable than short-term bursts of healthy habits.  
  • This self-evaluation helps employees understand their current wellness state and areas for improvement.  
  • Create a healthier workforce with preventive healthcare, verifying employee participation in things like flu shots and physicals.  


  • Self-Directed – Starting at $75/month, based on a minimum of 25 users 
  • Full-service – Starting at $ 1,000/month, based on 500 eligible employees 

 Target Audience:  

Wellable offers solutions to improve employee wellness, which can eventually lead to benefits like increased productivity, reduced healthcare costs, and a more positive work culture. These benefits are valuable for businesses of all sizes. 


Limeade is a culture-driven employee well-being program that enhances workspace engagement using techniques like actionable insights on employee health, 1 on 1 coaching tools, and research-backed feedback.   

Main Features:  

  • Limeade offers pre-built programs that target different aspects of well-being, such as stress management, financial wellness, or healthy eating. 
  • Their Insight Dashboard collects data on employee participation and program effectiveness.  
  •  Limeade also makes sure that the relevant wellness resources and program information reach the right people at the right time.  
  • Limeade caters to companies of all sizes and locations because their platform is available in multiple languages.  


Limeade does not provide transparent pricing.  

 Target Audience:  

Limeade is appropriate for businesses that want to focus more on improving communication between employees and use pre-built programs that target different aspects of wellness.  

Wysa for Employers 

Wysa is a clinically modified AI that helps organizations to address the complete spectrum of behavioral health needs of their employees, both on-site and remote. Wysa helps to guide individuals with the right mental health resources to combat the stressors of work.   

Main Features:  

  • Focuses on providing mental health support to employees through AI-powered listening and triaging. 
  • Offers 24/7 real-time support with a strong emphasis on user data privacy and anonymity. 
  • Includes a premium self-care library with evidence-based exercises, tool packs, and sleep guides. 
  • Provides unlimited human coaching with dedicated coaches and asynchronous texting options. 
  • Targets companies with a remote workforce and aims to create a supportive environment for mental health through proactive intervention and accessible resources. 


Wysa does not offer transparent pricing on its ‘Wysa Business’ plans.  

Target Audience:  

Wysa is best suited for organizations that want to expedite their wellness initiatives to a clean, clutter-free, and clinically proven AI that handles all aspects of their employees’ health.  

Headspace For Work 

Headspace is a wellness platform geared towards improving mental healthcare among employees of global organizations. They provide multiple mental health initiatives including including a full EAP replacement, therapy, psychiatry services, coaching, and mindfulness. 

 Main Features:  

  • Broader support including coaching, phone assistance, therapy, and mindfulness resources. 
  • Unlimited coaching and access to therapists/psychiatrists. 
  • Library of guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and sleep/focus tools. 
  • Training programs, communication strategy, and data insights for program improvement. 


Headspace does not provide transparent pricing but you can request a demo on their website.   

Target Audience:  

Headspace for Work is suitable if you are on the lookout for a wellness and mental health platform for your organization.  


Nectar is an employee recognition platform that is geared towards appreciating your employee's work, promoting the core values of your company, and redeeming rewards. With Nectar, you can even send recognition directly on Teams or Slack to boost employee morale.  

 Main Features:  

  • Public shoutouts, align with company values, points redeemable for rewards. 
  • Extensive catalog (Amazon, gift cards, swag). 
  • Track recognition trends, monitor manager activity. 
  • Birthdays, anniversaries, integrates with HRIS. 


  • Standard $2.75 – Includes features like real-time activity feed, peer-to-peer recognition, and manager-to-employee recognition 
  • Plus $4.00 – Includes everything in Standard Plan along with features like HRIS & SSO integrations, dedicated account manager 
  • Custom – Book demo for a quote, ideal for large enterprises.  

 Target Audience:  

If you feel that your employees are lacking morale which is directly impacting the productivity of your workspace then integrating Nectar can help tackle these issues using recondition and rewards.  


YuMuuv is a team wellness challenge app that helps organizations and HR to plan and organize any type of wellness challenge for your team. These challenges are geared to boost engagement among employees which targets different aspects of employee wellness. YuMuuv also gathers the data from various wearables, analyzes it, and draws meaningful conclusions for specific teams.  

 Main Features:  

  • Streamlined account setup and dedicated customer support. 
  • Push notifications to keep employees informed and motivated. 
  • Personal dashboards for employees to monitor their activity. 
  • Admin panel for managing participants and programs. 
  • Access to pre-designed challenges to save time and effort. 


YuMuuv gives you the option to customize your package by choosing the days of the challenges, the number of participants, and the currency of the country where your organization is based. By default, you will get a personal dedicated success manager and access to user-created challenges for every package.  

 Target Audience:  

YuMuuv makes the job of the HR department by simplifying the creation and management of engaging team wellness challenges.  

Virgin Pulse 

Virgin Pulse aims to be your company's one-stop shop for employee health and well-being, going beyond just basic wellness challenges. Virgin Pulse emphasizes long-term lifestyle and behavior modifications for lasting health improvements. They cover various aspects of health, including physical activity, nutrition, mental well-being, and chronic disease management. 

 Main Features:  

  • Live health coaching provides ongoing guidance and motivation for achieving health goals. 
  • Integrates with various providers (mental health, nutrition, disease management) for comprehensive care options. 
  • Helps track patient needs, schedule appointments, and manage healthcare services. 


Virgin Pulse offers four pricing options based on the number of members in your organization or team. 

  • Kick-Start – wellbeing program for small teams or organizations with up to 500 employees. 
  • GO – Provides wellbeing challenges.  
  • Ignite Global – Promote daily engagement with a year-round dedicated health and wellbeing resources 
  • Engage Global – Merges wellbeing, health, and benefits together in one platform. 

 Target Audience:  

By promoting healthier behaviors, Virgin Pulse aims to decrease employee healthcare costs for companies. So if you want to cut down on these costs, adapting Virgin Pulse will be the best decision.  


IncentFit focuses on motivating employees to adopt healthy habits through a combination of incentives and wellness programs. IncentFit aims to make healthy choices more appealing by offering rewards and recognition for participation in wellness initiatives.  

 Main Features:  

  • IncentFit offers engaging challenges that encourage employees to work together and adopt healthy behaviors.  
  • IncentFit empowers employees to invest in their well-being by reimbursing costs associated with healthy activities (e.g., gym memberships, fitness trackers, healthy food purchases).  
  • IncentFit rewards employees for making healthy choices, like exercising or tracking their steps.  


Similar to Virgin Pulse, IncentFit also offers dynamic pricing which changes with respect to the number of employees in your organization.  

 Target Audience:  

IncentFit pricing indicates that this wellness platform is suitable for organizations running on a very large scale, going up to 10,000 employees.  


WellRight offers a customizable employee wellness platform designed to fit the unique needs of your organization and employees.  

 Main Features: 

  • WellRight personalizes the program with relevant content and daily activities to keep employees engaged. 
  • Their program goes beyond physical health, addressing all six dimensions of wellness: social, emotional, financial, occupational, and intellectual.  
  • WellRight empowers administrators to adjust the platform as your needs evolve and your company grows.  


WellRight does not offer transparent pricing options but you can get more information after requesting a demo.  

Target Audience:  

WellRight caters to companies looking to create a customized wellness program that aligns with their company culture and employee needs. 

Wrapping Up  

Employee well-being is a top priority for businesses in 2024, but navigating the numerous corporate wellness platforms can be tricky. We explored 12 popular options, highlighting their strengths and target audiences. Wellable and WellRight offer customizable programs for holistic wellness, while Wysa and Headspace focus on mental health support. Nectar promotes recognition, YuMuuv creates engaging team challenges, Virgin Pulse offers comprehensive health solutions, and IncentFit uses incentives to boost engagement.  

Remember, the best platform aligns with your company culture and employee needs.  Wellics goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach.  Book a Demo with Wellics for a personalized consultation and discover how their platform can create a thriving and healthy work environment for your team. 

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