Wellness made simple

about wellics

Wellics sparked as an initiative in 2016, when our analytics background met our passion for driving balanced lifestyles in the search for wellness.

Improving people’s lives through the seamless interaction with technology and data science is what drives us. We make things simple and meaningful to create value.

Our expertise is a blend of software engineering, data analytics, health services and product innovation. Our activities are supported by an extensive network of wellness and health experts and leverages tens of experience-years both in industry and academia.

Our products are simple and smart. They provide actionable, personalized insights by integrating data and profiling information through data analytics, mobile applications and a digital marketplace that seamlessly interact to generate value.

We serve corporates, researchers, wellness and health experts. Most importantly we serve everyone who takes self-improvement and quality of life seriously and wants a personal digital coach with them at all times.

We are tech freaks, data gurus, health experts and wellness aficionados.

We are Wellics!