Wellable vs. Wellics: Which Wellness Platform to Buy? [2022]

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Finding the right wellness platform for your organization's wellness program can be a time-consuming search. If you’ve narrowed down your choice to either Wellics or Wellable, this guide will help you compare the two health and wellness platforms.

Wellics is one of the top wellness platforms, emphasizing lasting behavior change in employee well-being by leveraging the power of scientific data analytics. Wellable offers customers an “all-in-one well-being hub” that focuses on providing customers with an extensive selection of wellness challenges.

In our guide to Wellics vs. Wellable, you’ll be able to compare the two wellness platform companies in the following key decision-making factors:

  • Deployment
  • Main features
  • Customer success
  • Pricing and subscription

 By comparing Wellics vs. Wellable corporate wellness programs, you’ll be able to choose which platform has the functionality, support, and cost-effectiveness you need to create a thriving work environment.

Disclaimer: The information below is accurate as of August 30th, 2022.

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Wellics vs. Wellable Deployment

When it comes to accessing the platform for employees and administrators, both wellness platform vendors offer similar deployment options. Wellics and Wellable are both accessible through a secured web-based login, and both platforms also have mobile apps for Android and iOS.


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Wellics vs. Wellable Main Features

A corporate wellness platform’s array of features is a significant decision-making factor. How a platform function impacts your organization’s ability to reach its productivity, engagement, or retention goals.

 When deciding between Wellics vs. Wellable, here are how the platforms’ top features compare:

  • Device integrations: Both Wellics and Wellable offer a robust suite of wearable device integrations. Both platforms are compatible with Garmin, Fitbit, and Apple Health.
  • Rewards and incentives: Wellness incentives and rewards are key to ensuring lasting change. Wellics emphasizes the importance of rewarding top performers as well as those who demonstrate consistency. With Wellable, customers benefit from a continuous incentive program, which is an ongoing support model to encourage long-term results.
  • Wellness programs: Employee wellness platforms must provide users with expert-guided health and fitness programs across a range of wellness dimensions. Wellics provides a quarterly wellness focus, offering support and education on sleep, mental well-being, physical activity, and nutrition that goes beyond team challenges. Wellable’s core wellness program offering comes from its vast library of customizable wellness challenges across several dimensions of personal health.
  • Data and analytics: The best corporate wellness platforms collect valuable employee wellness and behavior data and use that data to develop programs that promote lasting change. Wellics offers the proprietary Wellness Index, which produces an individual wellness score from 0 to 100. Wellable collects user data through both quantitative and qualitative methods and offers program admins on-demand reporting.
  • Employee health assessments: Both platforms offer variations on employee health assessments. Wellics has employees complete self-reports about various dimensions of personal health. Wellable has employees complete a Personal Wellness Assessment, which asks lifestyle-based questions across seven different wellness dimensions.



Wellics vs. Wellable Customer Success

Below are how Wellics and Wellable compare in customer support and data privacy:

  • Support: Ongoing support is a core offering of both the Wellics and Wellable platforms. Wellics Unlimited plan customers receive 24/7 priority support, live chat support, and a dedicated customer success team. Wellable customers receive 24/7 live support, chat support, and phone support, as well as a dedicated Account Manager. Wellics on the Professional and Starter plans receive standard weekday support.
  • Training: Both platforms emphasize the importance of training to help their customers find success. Wellics Unlimited plan customers receive ongoing coaching, consulting, and training included in their plan, while customers on the Starter and Professional plans can purchase training as an add-on. Wellable customers undergo training that includes an intake survey, virtual support, and a kick-off meeting with an Account Manager during a four-week implementation period.
  • Data privacy: The best wellness platforms ensure sensitive health data is kept private and secure. Both Wellics and Wellable prioritize customer concerns by providing transparency about how data is collected, stored, and analyzed. Both companies adhere to strict data privacy policies that meet local regulations, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for European customers.

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Final Thoughts on Wellics vs. Wellable Wellness Platforms for Employers

Wellics and Wellable are both top wellness vendors for 2022. Both offer competitive pricing, similar feature sets, and comparable support. Wellics and Wellable each heavily emphasize the importance of consistent behavior in generating meaningful and long-lasting change in employee health and wellness.

Where the platforms differ is in their overall approach to providing employees with the wellness support tools they need. Wellable appears to rely almost exclusively on individual and team wellness challenges to produce positive behavior outcomes. Alternatively, Wellics takes a modular and data-informed approach, offering customers a quarterly focus that helps every employee improve their well-being in each key area.

Keep in mind your company’s budget, values, and overall goals when choosing whether Wellics or Wellable is the right platform for you.

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Originally published August 30, 2022 - 8:19 AM, updated November 21, 2023

Disclaimer: The author (see bio below) has independently researched and reviewed the wellness vendors on this blog post and has no exclusive affiliation with Wellics.



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