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Your comprehensive digital platform for physical and mental wellbeing, empowering seafarers with tools and resources for a healthier, happier life at sea.

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How We Help

The maritime well-being ecosystem

Our holistic digital well-being platform provides continuous and sustainable support to seafarers throughout their journey, both on and offshore. We help you increase safety, reduce accidents, and open communication channels. We are your dedicated partner in ensuring the well-being of your fleet.

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Creating a more sustainable future for
seafarers and the maritime industry

Our wellbeing platform offers various benefits to seafarers, helping them maintain their physical and mental health
while facing the unique challenges of their profession. Some of these benefits include:

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Comprehensive resources
The Wellics platform provides seafarers with a wide range of resources, such as articles, videos, and self-help tools, addressing different aspects of wellbeing, including physical health, mental health, sleep, and work-life balance.
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Seafarers can access our wellbeing platform from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have an internet connection. This makes it a convenient option for seafarers who may not have easy access to other wellbeing resources while at sea.
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Tailored content
Wellics offers content specifically designed for the maritime context, addressing the unique challenges seafarers face, such as limited space for exercise, isolation, and cultural differences among crew members.
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Virtual support
The platform connects seafarers with professional help, such as virtual counseling, to address mental health concerns or telehealth services to manage physical health issues.
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Peer connections
Wellics offers online communities and support groups, allowing seafarers to connect with others who share their experiences and challenges, fostering a sense of belonging and reducing feelings of isolation.
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Skills development
The platform offers resources and tools to develop new skills, such as stress management techniques, that can help seafarers adapt and thrive in their work environment.
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Improved safety
By promoting overall wellbeing, Wellics helps seafarers stay focused and alert, reducing the likelihood of accidents and enhancing the safety of the vessel.
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Enhanced job satisfaction
By addressing wellbeing challenges and providing resources to support a balanced lifestyle, Wellics contributes to higher job satisfaction, which may positively impact job performance, retention, and overall happiness.

Platform Features in a Glance

  • Wellics Index

  • Content

  • Challenges

  • Rewards

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Our WIN Index and Metric Growth

Track your employees' progress using the Wellics IndexTM, a comprehensive employee wellness metric. Keep tabs on how your initiatives align with company-wide objectives, demonstrating and enhancing the value and return on investment (VOI).

Structured micro coaching curriculum

Wellics is a science-backed multimedia content management platform specifically designed to empower HR departments in nurturing employee well-being. Our innovative approach revolves around a well-structured micro-coaching curriculum delivered on a weekly basis, drawing from our exclusive scientifically researched content. Through this, we offer valuable assistance to HR departments in their mission to educate, motivate, inspire, and guide employees toward embracing a well-being-focused lifestyle transformation.
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Gamification and Challenges

Introducing a dynamic and engaging way to foster workplace wellbeing – our challenges. We recognize that motivation often thrives in a supportive and competitive environment. That's why we've integrated interactive challenges into our platform, designed to inspire personal growth while fostering a sense of camaraderie among employees.
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Celebrating Milestones, Inspiring Wellness

Acknowledging the efforts of your employees is a vital aspect of building a thriving work environment. Our rewards program is designed to go beyond a pat on the back, transforming wellbeing in the workplace  into a journey of celebration and motivation.

Frequently asked questions

Ensuring quality, accuracy, and relevance:

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Our platform collaborates with industry experts, healthcare professionals, and experienced content creators to ensure the resources, tools, and content are accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to the unique needs of seafarers. We regularly review and update our content to maintain its quality and reflect the latest research and industry developments.

Features to support various aspects of wellbeing:

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Our platform offers a wide range of features to support physical health (exercise programs, nutrition guidance), mental health (articles, videos, self-help tools), sleep (sleep hygiene tips, relaxation techniques), work-life balance (time management tips, relationship advice), and cultural understanding (language learning tools, cultural etiquette guides).

Customizability and user-friendliness:

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The platform is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing seafarers to easily navigate and access the resources they need. Users can customize their experience by selecting preferred content, setting personal goals, and tracking their progress. The platform is also optimized for various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, ensuring easy access for all users.

User privacy and data security:

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Our platform takes user privacy and data security seriously. We implement industry-standard encryption methods, secure data storage, and robust access controls to protect user information. We also adhere to relevant data protection regulations and guidelines to ensure the privacy of our users.

Continuous improvement and updates:

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We are committed to continuously improving our platform by regularly updating content, adding new features, and enhancing existing functionalities based on user feedback and industry developments. Our dedicated team constantly monitors and evaluates platform performance to ensure we deliver the best possible experience to our users.

Integration with other systems:

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Our platform is designed with interoperability in mind, allowing for easy integration with other systems, tools, or resources used by shipping companies and their crews. We offer APIs and other technical support to facilitate seamless integration with existing systems.

Customer support and assistance:

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We provide comprehensive customer support and assistance for both shipping companies and individual seafarers using our platform. Our support team is available through various channels, including email, phone, and live chat, to address any questions, concerns, or technical issues. We also offer onboarding and training resources to help users get started and make the most of our platform.

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