Drive Sustainable Growth with Well-being Solutions for Long-Term Insurance Success

Reduce healthcare costs, enhance customer engagement, and improve risk management with Wellic’s comprehensive well-being solutions tailored for insurers.

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How We Help

Build a Stronger Insurance Ecosystem

Imagine finding the right clients who are a good fit for your services. We help you keep them happy through personalized cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. This not only leads to fewer claims for your business but also builds a loyal customer base who appreciates your focus on their well-being. Our platform uses data to ensure clear communication and personalized programs, creating a win-win situation for everyone.
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Insurance Industry

How Investing in Wellbeing Fuels a Stronger Insurance Ecosystem

The insurance industry benefits from healthy clients and a sustainable environment. Wellics empowers insurers by promoting a win-win situation through wellness initiatives. Here's how:

Reduced Healthcare Costs
We help your clients prioritize preventive healthcare through wellness programs. This proactive approach can help reduce claims and potentially lower healthcare expenditures for both insurers and clients.
Improved Employee Productivity
A healthy workforce means higher productivity and lower absenteeism rates. This not only saves insurers money but also improves client satisfaction by ensuring efficient service delivery.
Enhanced Customer Experience
By offering a valuable wellness platform, you demonstrate your commitment to your clients' overall well-being. This can foster trust, loyalty, and a thriving, long-term partnership.

Platform Features at a Glance

  • Wellics Index

  • Content

  • Challenges

  • Rewards

  • Health Risk Quantification

wellics index
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Our WIN Index and Metric Growth

Track your employees' progress using the Wellics IndexTM, a comprehensive employee wellness metric. Keep tabs on how your initiatives align with company-wide objectives, demonstrating and enhancing the value and return on investment (VOI).
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Structured micro coaching curriculum

Wellics is a science-backed multimedia content management platform specifically designed to empower HR departments in nurturing employee well-being. Our innovative approach revolves around a well-structured micro-coaching curriculum delivered on a weekly basis, drawing from our exclusive scientifically researched content. Through this, we offer valuable assistance to HR departments in their mission to educate, motivate, inspire, and guide employees toward embracing a well-being-focused lifestyle transformation.
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Gamification and Challenges

Introducing a dynamic and engaging way to foster workplace wellbeing – our challenges. We recognize that motivation often thrives in a supportive and competitive environment. That's why we've integrated interactive challenges into our platform, designed to inspire personal growth while fostering a sense of camaraderie among employees.
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Celebrating Milestones, Inspiring Wellness

Acknowledging the efforts of your employees is a vital aspect of building a thriving work environment. Our rewards program is designed to go beyond a pat on the back, transforming wellbeing in the workplace  into a journey of celebration and motivation.
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Quantify Risks with Precision

Our science-backed algorithm calculates health and insurance risks in near real-time. This allows you to create detailed risk analyses, approve applications quicker and design better products for your customers.

Grow your business with happy people

See how you can inspire, motivate, educate, and reward your employees, all in one place. If our visions do not match, we call it a day. 

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