Wellics New Year’s Resolutions

“If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first six sharpening my axe”.

Abraham Linkoln


00:00:01. It is this amazing time of the year! January is the most promising month. Before you continue on reading, take a brief moment and think about your new year’s resolutions. You are probably nodding and smiling as you imagine yourself an achiever by the end of 2019. How would you react if you knew that, according to research only 8% [1] of those who make resolutions keep them for the entire year? You would probably reach out for this 8% and ask them “What is your secret?”.

In Wellics we do not believe that there is one, single way to pursuit your goals. It is our work ethic that individuals, small businesses and large corporations constantly work on their way to success. This article is not a “to-do” list so that your company will have maximum profit by the end of year. It is about engaging in activities that will effectively embrace corporate resolutions.

Acknowledge corporate culture

Setting new goals is the best way to motivate yourself and your team. Then why resolutions fail? Probably because they are out of alignment with corporate culture. Avoid making over-generalizations and vague statements on corporate goals. Instead of making a list on what goals to achieve by the end of year, try to bring together your team idiosyncratic characteristics and build on them. People perform better when they feel that their work helps them develop on a personal level, as well.

Ask, listen, adapt

People love it when they feel valued. Adapt an open-door policy and reach out to your team. Ask your employees what they think about your corporate resolutions. What do they have to suggest? Is there anything that they would change or add? Do not hesitate to ask them what would help them perform better at work (i.e improved working environment). Be attentive and you will see your team coming up with ideas that will help your business grow.


According to the American Society of Training and Development [2] 95% of people are successful in meeting their goals if they meet with a partner who checks in their progress . Instead of having one large, business meeting every now and then, reinforce the idea of work “partner”. The idea of meeting regularly with someone to discuss your progress at work, provides a safe environment that helps employees remain focused on the business plan.


Resolutions also fail because people forget. Once we are done with new year festivities and back in working long hours, we lose sight.  Instead of assuming, that  your team remembers the motivational speech you gave after holidays, put it down on paper. It will set the example for your team and, why not, help you as person work harder towards achieving your goals.

Take care of your team the way you take care of business

If you want to have a prosperous year and your business to grow, start by taking good care of your team. There is no doubt that everyone enjoys a rigid schedule when it comes to work. Try to be flexible with your employees every now and then. Have your ever felt that you would like to stay at home, for some reason, and work from your computer? Your employees have felt it too and it’s only human! Make your employees matter and you will see that your business will matter to them.

In Wellics we know that people matter and we work on offering solutions to inspire people to start on their wellness journey. Our own new year’s resolution is to stay proactive and take good care of our team!

Enjoy a prosperous year starting today!

Sophia Vassiliades, M.A. Clininal Psychologist/Counselor.

[1] University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology

[2] American Society of Training and Development